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How to apply for MF Cash loans online ?

What is MF Cash loans?

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MF Cash is an online cash loan platform, that will let you loan in as fast as possible in the convenient of your mobile phone. The mobile app was released on March 8, 2019. With more than 100,000 downloads already. Offered by Microdot Lending Corporation. Already on no. 7 top free finance in Google play.

Ending the traditional bulk paper documents to sign, and cutting the amount of time and effort you consume to process. You can all do it in the comfort of your homes. It would just take a few moments and few taps to get it all done. All you need is to download the app and register. Then, viola! Your one step on the way to get your money. Do you wanna know the process? Here’s how.

Who can apply?

Filipino citizens with valid identification document are eligible to apply for the loan. Of course someone should be of good reputation, as well as should meet the standards and conditions of the loan.


To apply a loan, click this link

So you want to apply all you need is a valid identification document (ID). A list of valid ID’s include SSS, UMID (Unified Multipurpose ID), TIN, Driver’s License, Postal ID, Passport.

Loan Process

So you really do want to apply? Here’s how!

  • All you need is an Android mobile phone to download the MF Cash mobile app at Google Play store.
  • Install the app and register.
  • Confirm your identity, then viola! You can now apply for a loan.
  • Select a loan product. Follow the prompts and fill in the information then submit your loan application.
  • Wait for approval. You may receive a call from one of their representative for verification, so be sure you don’t missed that call.
  • Once approved, it would take such 30 minutes away to be deposited to your account. (Time of loan disbursement may varies).

Loanable Amount

You can loan with the minimum amount of Php 2,500.00 up to Php 20,000.00 as the maximum loanable amount.

Terms of payment

Loan period may be 60 to 180 days. Such specific period needs to be determined by credit evaluation.

Interests & Fees

Interest rates is up to 24%. You can see the details if you tap on to selected loan products.

Service fee. Yes they do charge for one-time application only.

Sample computation:

₱ 10,000.00 -loan amount

*24% – interest rate

= ₱2,400.00  total interest

Late payment fee. Yes, as always. Late payment fees / penalties may apply.

Loan Disbursement

Within 24 hours loan disbursement time. Fastest time of money transfer is 5 minutes to 30 minutes deposited to your account.

Loan Payments

A friendly advice and tip to borrowers. Pay your loan on time, otherwise higher overdue fees may charge. Delayed payment is not good on building your good credit standing and as well as may affect your chances of higher credit limit in the future.

Customer Service

MF Cash is a product of Microdot Lending Corporation, which is a legally registered loan company in the Philippines. The product operates in compliance with the policies and regulations, as well as all of its business activities. Office is located at 22nd floor, BGC Marajor Tower, Metropolitan Area, Manila.


So far, ratings and reviews are quite good somehow. I mean App standing is 4.5 out of 5 rating. Feedbacks from users are good comments giving 5 (five) star rate. Commended for easy application and fast turnover. Well, that may also vary at points.

Response is typical mostly on their page. Yes they have Facebook book page so you’re one chat away to communicate them.

Two criterias on the top most lookout in finding a great loan app is, lowest interest rates and fastest disbursement. Well, almost every lending app is offering the fast – easy loans and or quick cash loans. But it is the fastest? And if it is, higher interest rate are oh so backed with it. Great if you could find those companies offering the lowest in the market. But, disbursement or turnover time should not also be sacrificed. Why is it? Because it’s a criteria of a great loan app. Lending or credit program is supposed to help the in need. Most of it are, on the call of emergencies and urgents. It is not helpful if both of it is eliminated or even otherwise understated its importance.

Lending is supposed to be helpful not adding burden to what’s already heavy.

Right, isn’t it?

Share to us your thoughts about it.

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Too much service fees! You are borrowing 3500 and yet u have 1925 amount to be received?? And thats only payable in 10 days? How come! Teach me how to cancel my loan! Your customer service can’t be contact.

Agents are texting to pay in advance to get higher amount upon fullypaid and as well as long terms. Yes the interest and service fees are almost 50% equivalent to the principal. Also short term of payments. Tala app os the best.

Dear All,
I was 5months or more of this lending. But this afternoon I was with rude collector agent named AJ Vergara i dont know if real name.
She haraassed me &wants to pay immediately so in and so forth. I told her nasa work pa ako eh nagmamadali eh maraming sinasabi scrutinizing me.
I explained to her everything but sya ang panalo eh nagalit. Nag text brigade with my contacts na nagsabing referals ko daw. Kahit hindi nman kasi allowed contacts ito sa phone eh kuha nila lahat ng naka phonebooks , all apps, your messages, notes, even reminders na naka save sa phone. The worst our gallery.
She used my contacts to text unethical ways and harassed ways of collecting money.
Lalong hindi ako magbayad kasi nang -aaway. Sama sama. Bukas report ko sa SEC ulit hindi ata na tauhan ang management nila nka cease and desist na eh dahil maraming complains sa kanilang MF collector.
Be very careful, definitely do not try. Maganda ang nais ng company pero very rude mga collector.
Ipa raid ko ito bukas October 17,2019 ng mga police at isubmit ko mga proof ko na na received sa rude collector. Ipa sira talaga ito at isumbong kay Pres. Duterte.
Thanks for reading.

Hi! Do you have their contact number na pwede kong itext or tawagan. Kasi this morning lang, i receive a text message regarding this loan app na nagsasabing magbayad na daw ako ngayon or else padadalhan daw nila ako ng summon and magpafile na daw sila ng case sa court. And nagtataka ako kasi hindi ko name yung binanggit nila pero dito sila sa number ko nagtext. And I know the person na tinutukoy nila, so naisip ko na ginamit ng tao na yun yung contact number ko para makahiram dyan sa loan app na yan kasi i totally have no idea na may ganyang loan app na nag eexist kasi never ko pa naman natry manghiram or manghiram sa mga lending. If you have their contact number, can you please give it to me, gusto ko lang sila makausap. Thank you so much!

Ireport talaga ko Yung mf cash kasi nag bayad na ako noong June 4k tapos Yung ilang days na diko pa nahulog payments ko kasi may emergency pinabayara pa Ng 1500 kapal ng mukha niyo mportante binalik ko Yung Hiram ko at interes tapos ngayun tawag.x pakayo sa contact ko IPA tulfo talaga ko kayu Mai ibidinxia ako may resibo ako dito maawa kau sa Tao Hindi kami mayaman Kaya nga nang Hiram kami sa inyu

Why are you trying to access the photos,sms ?,is your app been hacked or you guys are hacking account. Thats why your app is broken and cannot be seen in playstore

To apply a loan, click this link

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