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AKULAKU: Do anything with a credit limit

Akulaku is the trade name of Streetcorner Lending Corp. a duly registered company with the SEC. You can check SEC Registration under STREETCORNER LENDING CORP with office address at Unit 309 Ortigas Bldg Ortigas Ave. Pasig City with brand name of Akulaku.

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With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play store. Akulaku is in the top #5 free shopping app with so much more you can do other than shopping.

Why Akulaku?

  • Shop on installment without a credit card
  • Apply for a credit limit in just 5 minutes
  • Get a cash loan up to P10,000 in as fast as 24 hours
  • Flexible payment terms up to 12 months
  • Pay easily through multiple online and offline payment channels

An E-commerce platform that offers online services such as Cardless Installment shopping, Cash Loan, Bills Payment, Mobile & Game Top ups on Installment and Travel & Leisure packages on Installment. The largest online financing company in Southeast Asia with operations in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

What is a credit limit?

Before you can shop on installment on Akulaku, you must have a Credit Limit on your account. Credit limit refers to the maximum amount of credit provided to your account after your credit application is approved. A one-time application can get you a credit limit of up to P25,000 which you can use to avail all of the items/services available in Akulaku.

With your credit limit you can shop online on installment, get cash loan, buy load, pay bills and more even without a credit card.

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Unlock your credit potential with Akulaku

You can unlock possibilities with Akulaku, with your approved credit limit up to P25,000 you can do all this:

  1. Shop online

With your approved credit limit you can now shop in Akulaku in installment. You can now shop even without a credit card. With available hot brands, you can get premium products at a low down payment. Also, they are on partners with popular brands. Great isn’t it?

Free Delivery

Guess what, all your purchases are free of delivery charges. With no minimum purchase amount required.

Buy now, Pay later

You can buy now pay later with Akulaku credit pay. Just buy product below P1,499 on Akulaku and pay it for the next month. But wait, terms & conditions may apply.

  1. Bills Payment

Akulaku app featured available services. You can now pay with Akulaku your water bill and cable bill. Settle your bills now on time in just a few taps.

  1. Buy Load on Installment

Get your phone top-up with available mobile load from Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk Ntext, ABS-CBNMoblie,& T M. You can buy any regular load, SMS, call, data load promos on all networks in installment.

  1. Buy Game Credits On Installment

Get your game top-up with Akulaku game credits. Get game credits for more than 30 game outlets on installment.

  1. Cash loan

Now this is the highlight of the sites main features, quick cash loans Philippines. With your credit limit you can get a cash loan of P2,000 up to P10,000 fast and easy in your bank within 24hours.

How to apply – quick cash loans Philippines

On your Akulaku app, go to “Credit” and click the “Apply Now” button. Fill up the application form and submit the documents required. Your credit limit application will be processed within 48 hours. Be on alert for a call from one of their representative within 48 hours. Be sure that you can get the call, this is for their verification purposes.

What are the requirements

There are documents needed to submit. You must have these:

  • 3 copies of your signature
  • A photo of your Government ID
  • A selfie with your submitted government ID
  • A photo of your two most recent payslips

Note: this is all done through online, a clear photo or a selfie can do you most.

How to increase your Credit Limit

For now their approved limit was based on your overall credit score. There are no specific schedule for credit limit re-assessment, but timely payment of installments would increase the chances of limit adjustment when they decide for a re-assessment of limits in the future.

Just a one-time application only you can get your credit limit for every account registered. And then, you can avail to all their products and services.

Great app, isn’t it?

This is just a primary review of  Akulaku app. If you have a great experience with the app, go share with us. We love to hear from you ‘bes’ (friend)! And if you have any thing to say, just comment down below. You too can be a loan shark reporter too. 🙂 Comment down below. We’ll write a second review for this app. Let’s see.

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Image source: (screenshot of its official website)

13 replies on “AKULAKU: Do anything with a credit limit”

Hello akulaku please help me kahapon pa ako nag re loan this is my 11th loan and i am a good payer.. But what happen until now I’m still waiting for disbursement of my loan please help me..i hope that my loan will disburse today because tomorrow is holiday. Wait for ur feedback tnx

I can see my credit limit was approved. But i am not seeing any installment plan for me. How can i use my credit limit for purchase? If I purchase any item will that be deducted on my credit limit or will i pay for it upon delivery?

Hi mabilis lang po baang process? for example po nakagawa na ko ng account then I already choose an item for installment mabilis lang po ba yun or need ko pa po ulit mag wait to approved my installment?

Is there any way to encash the credit limit approved in Akulaku? When I apply for Cash Loan, the app says that I cannot make any loans at the moment. Come back in few days, the app says. But it’s been weeks now.

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