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Ber Months? Thanks to Online Loans!

Ber Months! Thanks to Online Loans!

If BER months are approaching, we knew how hard it is financially.

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Is pocket empty? You are not alone, buddy. Most Filipinos are in crisis, especially during “ber” months.

Ber Months Na! Thanks to Online Loans!

Thanks to Online Loans.

Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Of course, let’s start with its pros.

  • Fast application
  • 1 Valid ID is enough
  • Fast approval
  • Fast disbursement
  • Easy repeat loans
  • No referral, no collateral
  • 18 years old and above can apply
  • No falling in lines
  • Application is done online — on your phone

How about the cons? Well, that’s frightening, just kidding…

  • High-interest rates (but most of you wouldn’t care if you need the money immediately)
  • Short term loans — payable in 14 days, 21 days or 30 days
  • Sometimes, collectors have bad manners (that will happen if you miss the due dates, basically, they are nice)
  • Low first time offers, starting from 1K to 7K

Having said all that, you can decide now if you want to apply or not. Do you still want to proceed with your application despite the mentioned disadvantages?

Please decide wisely.

To apply a loan, click this link

If you need money today, do you have other options? We have that covered. If you are here on this page, I really recommend you to read our ultimate guide on how to get apply and get approved with online loan offers here in the Philippines.

If you have other concerns, please drop a comment below.

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To apply a loan, click this link

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