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CASHACART : Cashalo’s basket financing

Haven’t you tried it yet? Or haven’t you heard it yet? Either way or , you’re curious about this. Right?! No credit card? You have Cashacart.

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What is CASHALO?

An Oriente – Express venture, a partnership of two big companies. Together they made it a possible way for a mobile application that offers cash loans online for Filipinos.

Providing fast access to credit anytime, anywhere. A solution to every financial needs with just a few clicks away from your mobile phone.

I’m sure you heard about CASHALO before, and or if not you may want to read on this review..
CASHALO Online Loans Review

CASHACART – What about it?

Following the launch of their mobile application, Cashalo has a new product – CASHACART on November 27, 2018.

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They claim to be the first basket financing in the Philippines. So what’s a basket financing? Let’s put it this way. Let’s say, you you’re going on a camp or a travel getaway this weekend with your “barkadas” ( friends).You head straight to the department store for a new travel backpack. But wait , Oh your out of a budget. It’s not your payday yet. Thank goodness you have CASHALO, you can fill in your basket and get your stuff in credit or installment base.

So this is what CASHACART would do to you. Experience shopping in installment. You can get pre-approved before arriving at their partner store.

Paperless Transactions

Seamless transactions with the cutbacks of paper documents and the hassle of signing it. With many Filipinos who are unbanked, they have no financial identity and that means they don’t have access to certain financial services.  

Cashacart gives it a way to formal credit at affordable rates.

Zero% (0%) Interest

You can enjoy shopping in installment that’s with zero% interest. At some partner establishments, some payments is interest free, and zero-percent on selected items.

Fast Approval

Get approved in just 10 minutes of approval time. The country’s first-ever O2O (Offline to Online) basket financing solution that offers consumers easy access to digital credit.

Cashacart Application Process

Just visit a Cashalo partner store and look for a Cashalo representative who will help fill out your digital application. All that is required is some relevant information and a valid ID. Upon approval, which can be done in as fast as 10 minutes, the customer can fill-up a basket of goods up to the value of the digital credit they were approved for. Or you can get pre-approved first without a hassle.

How to Get Pre-approval on CASHACART?

Complete your profile on CASHALO online app and get pre-approved before arriving at the partner store.

Just visit the CASHACART page and add your profile and then complete the requirement.

Know your maximum approved loan amount ahead of your shopping schedule. You will receive your loan application result via SMS within 24 hours.

The validity of the pre-approved loan is 90 days. With pre-approval of Cashacart, you save time and make your shopping more convenient.

CASHACART Credit Limit

Consumers have the freedom to purchase multiple items, whether it be appliances, electronics, household items, apparel, or school supplies, with loans ranging between PHP2,000 up to PHP19,999.

Online Requirements

Upon creating an account with CASHALO you need to provide a government-issued ID for identification, proof of billing for personal information, and company ID or payslip for your work information.

Terms and Payments

You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of payment options, with loan periods of 3, 6, or 9 months.

Partner Stores

Consumers can shop at a growing network of 250 retail partners including Robinsons Appliances, Robinsons Department Stores, Handyman, Oppo, Cherry Mobile, and Memo Express, etc.

Most of our Kabayans resort to 5 /6 credit schemes, an informal credit which takes up higher interest rates. Which with no doubt, will result to adding up of debts. With impossible rates that would make payments also impossible. It will just turn out to multiple debts in the long run. The gist is, informal credit like this is not a financial solution.

We’re always on the lookout for loan sharks, and we always adhere to be a responsible borrower. We encourage everyJuan to be a good credit consumer, just buy what you need. If you have wants, be sure you have always an extra that could afford to pay it.

Image source: a screenshot from Cashalo’s Cashacart page…

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