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Magandang buhay mga Kabayan! Kamusta ka? Kaya pa ba? O kakayanin pa? Siyempre kakayanin yan. Ikaw pa Juan. Natututo tayong mamaluktot habang maliit pa ang kumot. Kasabihan natin yan pero mukhang di na aabot sa a-kinse ang budget mo. Daan naman tayo sa isang bagsik na dala ni ‘Petsa de Peligro’. Tsk..tsk.., sino ba pwede malapitan dito?

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EasyPeso is a financial lending online platform service in the Philippines. That is currently operating with an office at Net Cube Plaza, 30th St. Cor 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines 1643. With a running app on Google  Play store. The mobile app was released on September 1, 2018. Offered by Easy Cash Loan. With over 100,000 downloads already.

Utang. Speaking of utang di naman siguro sulosyon yan. Eh, pero kung uutang nga ko. Magkano kaya interest? Kakayanin kaya hanggang susunod na sahod? Eh, baka naman mababaon ako nyan sa taas nang tubo.

Hey Kabayans, are you also asking this questions? Or are you also among of those who can’t just wait until payday? Okey, don’t get me wrong. To tell you the truth, credit/ loan/ utang may not always be the solution to your problems. Especially if you may fall on to loan sharks or to lendings that will get you hooked on to such impossible terms and flooding interests. That’s why it’s important to get the know-how of every company that offers lending services.

This day, we’ll give you our arms. Knowledge is power. Let’s get to know one of the many lending platforms that crowded online, EasyPeso. Also, to answer your many questions about the art of borrowing we list down below such frequently asked questions about the EasyPeso app.

Frequently asked questions – EasyPeso Cash Online Pera Utang

Who can use EasyPeso?

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It is available to all Filipinos 18 years old or above.

And to those who are currently employed individuals or with a stable source of income to repay loan.

What are the requirements?

  • At least one government-issued ID
  • A valid mobile phone number

How to apply for EasyPeso Online Pera Utang?

1) Install cash loan app Easy Peso and register with your own phone number.
2) Fill out peso loan application form.
3) Wait for cash loan approval.
4) Claim your personal loan.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow up to ₱7,000 for first-time borrowers. And up to ₱10,000 for repeat borrowers.

How much is the interest?

This one is not so publicly declared nor stated a clear fixed rate for interest. But they stated for no hidden fees as repayment details are clearly presented. Yes, your repayment amount are upfront shown before you confirm your loan. So you are informed ahead of how much your net proceeds. They extract fees like royalty fee and processing fee. Interest is of about 1%.

Sample computation: ₱ 5,000 loan amount × 1% interest rate = ₱ 50 interest per day

× 14days term

= ₱ 700 interest until due date

  • 5,000 loan amount

= ₱5,700 repayment amount

The exact repayment amount you’ll pay until your due date. Be guided Kabayans, they have penalties for late payments. The royalty fee is of about ₱1,000 plus service fee of ₱140. So overall your net proceeds is ₱3,860.

What will be the payment term for EasyPeso?

As for now, they only have 7 days or 14 days of loan term.

How to get my fast cash credit online?

They declared for 5mins to 24hours of cash loan disbursement.

Pick up your cash loan with ID card at M. Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier and or Palawan Pawnshop. Easy right? No need of bank account anymore.

How to repay my loan?

Easy repay process. Repay at ECPAY or 711 with instructions given in the app.

1)ECPAY:  Go to ECPAY, fill out needed information in Bills Payment Form, reimburse your personal loans and receive a payment confirmation receipt.  
2)7-Eleven: Go to 7-Eleven and repay via CLiQQ machine or CLiQQ app.  
3)GCash: Open GCash app, click Pay Bills to access Loans option to repay.
4)Bank deposit:  Deposit money to EasyPeso corporate bank account given in the app, and send your repayment proof of your cash loans to EasyPeso Facebook customer service or support email.

How was their Customer Service?

Most of the comments and reactions (violent perhaps, maybe) from users are on their agents.  Some users experience stress for having an overdue loans and for others they may call it already harassment from their agents. The complaints have rooted on agents sending messages harassing them to take legal actions if they will not pay, even though they have just delayed for 1 or a few days. Worse is, they have already send the message to most of the contact references.  

Get that their approval undergoes on Credit Database Analysis and manual audit. If you give them as reference at least two contact person in your phonebook, know that they might also read the rest on your contacts. Because in order to do this you have allowed on some app permissions. Of course, that’s a part of the application process.

P.O.V- Point Of View

Well, in the end ‘utang’ is just optional. It’s always a personal choice. Every individual is free to decide whether he will take such immediate financial aid. Well so, to some it may have become already an automatic action for remedy. They may seem used to take that solution as an essential relief and not just a sort of option. Is it still up to you.

Pinoy Loan Solution does not aim that every Juan shall take the pressure of diving into credit as the only solution. But as we speak of financial solutions, we aim that every Juan will be equipped with the knowledge and their rights as a borrower. Does not aim everyJuan to get harm but we’ll try to make sure we’ll report to you such unjust ‘loan sharks’. Mostly, we encourage each and every Juan to be responsible borrowers of the community.

Official website of Easy Peso:

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bakit nagpopost agad kayo sa social media two days pa lang overdue ko…paninirang puro ang ginagawa nyo…tara sa tulfo magharap.

An agent called and I said that I wont be proceeding with my loan but they still approved it afterwards, I wont en-cash my loan is there anything they could use against me?

Horrible colections people. They’ve been harassing me for several days for someone else’s loan which I told them I never authorized. They don’t even have my complete name and address, which obviously means that they did not even check if the creditor really was my brother as he claimed to be. Now, one of their collections agents said “wala kang kwentang reference and sana mangutang ng mangutang yan gamit ang number mo” because I was complaining of what was happening.

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