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Meloan – No Collateral Loans for Students and Employees in the Philippines

Sometimes, it is hard for students to apply for a cash loan. Why? Simply, they do not have income yet.

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Fortunately, if you are a student, and you are currently looking for a cash loan — there is a one online loan provider that will cater your need — MeLoan.

It’s quite interesting. Actually, this company is here quite sometime already. This is not new on the field. So, there are several Pinoy who have already applied and being granted with cash loans with MeLoan.

Most of the times, we got comments or emails asking for the contact number of the loan provider, because they could not reach out with them regarding their concerns… interestingly, Meloan’s contact information such as telephone, mobile, and email address prominently posted on its official website.

Meloan official website with contact information.

As you can see on the screenshot of the MeLoan official website — the contact information can be seen on the homepage… Well, this is a good sign for responsive support shall you encounter problems in the future. For example, if the due date is approaching, you might need to clarify certain things.

Loan Calculator — Why It Is Important to Check before Applying?

We have also received a few comments or emails asking for the cancellation of their loans due to high-interest rates, this is not just for MeLoans, for other lending companies, as well…

We want to clarify here that we are not affiliated with any lending institutions, we are just a review site… we might have affiliations with them being an affiliate, but we will disclose that properly on the post… so, without any referral disclosure — we do not have affiliations with the lender in question… asking us about your loan application status or loan cancellation purpose cannot be catered here… we might not be able to respond to such queries, as well…

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So, why the loan calculator is important, before wasting your time with the application process?

It will give you a close hint regarding the amount of interest you are going to pay with the loan provider… like MeLoan, they have a big loan estimator / calculator on their website homepage… so, you can check it out first.

Let’s try here… let’s say you need 5,000 Pesos…

MeLoan Loan Calculator

As you can see, a 5,000 Pesos payable in 14 days will become 5,350.00 Pesos — thus you need to pay 350 Pesos on top of the principal amount. If this is true, the interest is only 0.07 — this is quite low compared to other online lending providers.

Is this too good to be true?

Well, I have heard several people who are happy with MeLoan… but let’s check the Google Playstore… well, the Google Playstore is a good source of users feedback…

Let’s try looking for a positive feedback first…

MeLoan Positive Review from a User

A certain user said:

Very helpful. Low interest and very affordable. This is my 3rd time I used their good services. I am very grateful to have this app. And now my 4th times. Delayed nga lang nakabayad pero sila pa yong humanap ng paraan para makabayad ka lang. Very understanding and helpful app. Continue your good services.

A review from the Google Playstore.

It looks like the customer is happy with MeLoan as a lending provider. The customer stretched out that the company had helped him look for a way to pay the delayed balance or due. It’s good… like we have heard a lot of horror stories about several lending who were harassed with their customers.

However, it’s not a happy ending yet… let’s try to look for a negative review… well, oh — there are lots of negative thoughts about MeLoan on the Google Playstore… let’s pick one…

Meloan - Negative Feedback

I was disappointed when you rejected my application. I have a good standing credit to other app[s] like TALA. I will give you 1 star for that.

A review from the Google Playstore.

This certain user was disappointed with them… well, we can relate with him. Sometimes, it’s really frustrating to realize that a lender will disapprove you when you know that you are a good paying customer and that you have no bad credit standing…

As I went through many comments down below, I realized that many hopeful loan applicants were frustrated to realize how hard it is to get approved. Maybe that’s one reason why there is much negative feedback than the positive…

Let’s try to look at similar feedback by a customer…

Another feedback about MeLoan

Thanks for approving my loan. Grabe nap[a]ka higpit nyo. I thought I’d be granted 8k pero 1500 pala initial loan nyo. Biruin nyo you called my mom and my dad, my supervisor and my work mate daig pa credit card haha but thanks anyway I hope I gained your trust!

Despite that, since the customer was granted 1500, he had given MeLoan 5 stars… Nice one.

Anyway, yes, it is frustrating for a lending provider like MeLoan to not disclose the initial loan amount on its website or app.

You see, there was a loan calculator, sometimes, we are hopeful to get the maximum…

Just like many of you, I had also applied for a loan, but this one is quite strict in terms of the application process… imagine they will call you parents, your work supervisor and a colleague just to verify identity and the like…

But we cannot blame MeLoan… sometimes, a mismanaged business like this will come and go… just because they will grant a loan instantly without checking at all… and they ended up having bad debts… closure…

Are you up for the challenge of getting approved? I think the low interest worth the time of trying. I know there are lenders out there without this tedious process, but the interest is around 30% in just 14 days…. so you have a choice…

And just to keep being frustrated, do not expect to get 10k in your first try… like expect the least… 🙂

For students out there, MeLoan might be good for you, because it has low interest rates… just don’t get too sad if they will disapprove you… life sometimes is full of challenges… just smile at it… LOL 🙂

Alternatively, you can check PagHiram… I got several messages from PagHiram inviting me to apply for a loan… well, maybe one day… Check our post about PagHiram Loan here…


MeLoan official website:

Meloan on the Google Playstore:

Psst… your feedback or thoughts are much appreciated… kindly comment below 🙂 Let’s talk…

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